General Contracting

1All of our construction projects are based on the premise that, as your general contractor Holden Building Company will use our expertise to ensure a quality product that is completed on time and within budget. After a project is designed, we will produce a cost estimate that is very detailed and accurate. We then offer options for the contract agreement, such as a lump sum contract or a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract. There are other contract types, but we find these are the most popular for larger construction projects. The two are similar; however the GMP contract offers the owner a maximum price by a cost-plus a fee, and with an incentive for the Holden Building Company to find savings that benefit the owner. The savings are then split, 60%-40% or 50%-50%. Regardless of the contract type, the owner has a designed project built by the experts at Holden Building Company.


2Design-build is an integrated delivery process where Holden Building Company is the single source, with absolute accountability for both design and construction. We have found that Design–Build saves time and money for the owner, while providing the opportunity of options during all aspects of the project. Design–Build relies on a single point of responsibility and is used to minimize risks for the project owner and to reduce time by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project. Working as one team, under the direction of an experienced project manager, Holden Building Company Design-Build approach results in high-quality, distinctive projects designed and built to meet your needs.


3Small business owners and operators demand fast, reliable service. Our upfit team works together to renovate, or finish out, retail and office space with a quality project, all while maintaining the cost budget and schedule. We work hard the minute we start the construction to help our client meet the opening date.

Construction Management

4Using our everyday management skills we offer our expertise to assist in design ideas, select subcontractor bid packages, review pricing, produce and maintain the construction schedule, administer on site activities and oversee progress meetings at weekly and monthly intervals. This is a great way to use our expertise and organizational skills to best benefit our customers.

Pre Construction

5If you are looking for assistance in the early stages of construction, we can provide services that will help identify needs and costs of proposed projects. Using our detailed estimating and highly qualified subcontractors, we will develop ideas and costs associated with your plans. Holden Building Company will prepare an initial time line with a CPM (Critical Path Method) schedule and maintain monthly updates for your project. We can also introduce you to VE (Value Engineering) items to help provide options to lower your costs.